Channel 4

Botton Village – high on the North Yorkshire Moors – is a unique community of 300 people, around half of them with special needs like autism and Down’s syndrome. This touching and sometimes funny film, made with unusually free access from Botton, follows four villagers over the course of a cold winter.

Press Quotes

“Uplifting, humbling, thought-provoking but never merely strange.”
Daily Telegraph
“This great little programme had me dangerously close to tears…”
The Observer
‘The film is in turns amusing, poignant and uplifting…
The Observer
“By turns funny, touching and profoundly humane…”
The Times
“This is fascinating and inspiring…”
Financial Times
“A wonderful, tender portrait…”
Mirror TV guide
“Both inspiring and strange to watch”
Daily Mail
“Compelling documentary…”
Daily Telegraph

Tx Date: 16/06/05 9:00pm
Audience: 3 million
Director: Nick O’Dwyer and Rachel Bliss
Editor: Andy Page