Brain Doctors (3 x 60′)

‘This powerful, moving three parter packs more drama into one hour than most medical series manage in a whole series….incredibly touching’ TV Times

‘An unflinchingly honest look at brain surgery – it approaches the subject with great humility. Fascinating viewing.’ Daily Express

‘You’ll hardly be able to blink for fear of missing a moment..’ Mail on Sunday

‘Far more involving than any medical drama you’ve ever seen..’ Mail on Sunday

‘Another rollercoaster episode in this short but superb series’ Daily Telegraph

‘Compelling and moving in equal measure’ The Guardian

‘Hugely involving viewing…’ Radio Times

‘Absorbing and humbling’ Daily Telegraph

‘Fascinating and moving’ Daily Mail

‘Prepare to be mesmerised’ Sun

‘Deeply moving’ Metro


Fox Wars

‘It wasn’t really about foxes….it was people’s relationship with them that made this documentary so charming.’ The Guardian

‘It was a nature doc all about the human animal…..the variety of responses was fascinating’ The Independent

‘Highly enjoyable….hilarious’ Sunday Times

‘A wryly revealing portrait’ Daily Telegraph

‘Completely fascinating…’ Daily Mail


The Guest Wing (6 x 44′)

‘This fantastically enjoyable documentary has unearthed some fabulously telegenic characters.’ Sunday Times

‘Skilfully and ironically narrated……Sir Benjamin was compulsively grumpy viewing.’ Daily Telegraph

‘An exquisite treat……..I’m already looking forward to the next episode.’ Daily Telegraph

‘The upper class equivalent of Big Fat Gypsy Weddings’ Sunday Times

‘This hilarious series……’ Sunday Times


Craniofacial Surgery (3 x 60′)

‘Heart rending but uplifting’ Glasgow Herald

‘This dazzling series’ Sunday Times

‘Compulsive viewing’ The Guardian

‘Heart-stoppingly good’ Mumsnet

‘Astonishing’ The Times


Hedge Wars

‘I expected the usual neighbours-from-hell documentary – then something wonderful happened’ The Guardian


My Child Won’t Speak

‘Grown men will weep…an engrossing and uplifting film…’ Radio Times

‘An excellent documentary…sensitive and rewarding…’ Sunday Times

‘A moving documentary…’ Mail on Sunday


Baby Beauty Queens

‘Ostensibly unjudgemental but quietly devastating…’ The Times

‘Sweet and unassuming…your heart melted’ The Guardian

‘Oddly uplifting’ Radio Times


How to Snare a Millionaire

‘Rebecca Arnold’s debut documentary is so good she ought to be snapped up straight away…excellent’ Sunday Times

‘A wonderful, wacky little film…’ The Times


Life and Death of a Mobile Phone

‘It was a funny film – full of witty soundbites and lyrical camerawork – but also more than a little bit scary.’ Daily Express


Animal Addicts

‘A film in the classic mould of British observational filmmaking…which will leave you debating the issues raised long after the end credits have rolled. Incredibly poignant…a tribute to the skill with which it is put together.’ Time Out


Sleep Clinic

‘It’s hilarious watching them doing their thing all night – trumpeting, battling ponies, moaning and conversing. And next week looks fabulous…’ The Guardian


Strangest Hotel in Britain

‘Here is one of those wonderful programmes that make you feel better about the world…’ The Times

‘This delightful and often funny film…’ Daily Mail

‘A life-affirming documentary…’ The Guardian


Strangest Village in Britain

‘Uplifting, humbling, thought-provoking but never merely strange…’ Daily Telegraph

‘This great little programme had me dangerously close to tears…’ The Observer

‘The film is in turns amusing, poignant and uplifting…’ The Observer

‘By turns funny, touching and profoundly humane…’ The Times

‘This is fascinating and inspiring…’ Financial Times

‘A wonderful, tender portrait…’ Mirror TV guide

‘Both inspiring and strange to watch’ Daily Mail

‘Compelling documentary…’ Daily Telegraph


The Most Pampered Pets in Britain

‘Absolutely barking…’ Daily Telegraph


The Tallest People in Britain

‘I liked this film…This was not a freak show, it was a tender look at four people who feel different, isolated by their size…’ The Guardian

‘It doesn’t feel exploitative or crude: subjects are not treated as freaks but are handled fairly sensitively…’ Time Out

‘This poignant film…a moving documentary’ Sun


The Unlikeliest Couples in Britain

‘A distinctive, poetic style…a genuine attempt to discover what makes people tick and gently challenge our views as to what is ‘normal;’…’ Mail on Sunday

‘Currently one of the country’s best documentary makers and interviewers…’ Mail on Sunday

‘A rather sweet and good natured documentary…’ Sunday Telegraph


Sleeping Together

‘This glimpse into the human den is worthy of David Attenborough himself…’ Sunday Times

‘an extraordinary demonstration of human endurance…’ The Guardian

‘This intimate glimpse into the human burrow…’ Mail on Sunday


The Biggest Women in Britain

‘A positive, uplifting documentary about women who’ve come to terms with their bigness…’ Daily Star

‘A charming, big-hearted, feelgood film, sugar coated and with a juicy cherry on top…’ Time Out


The Laziest Men in Britain

‘A delightful celebration of human diversity…’ The Times


The Angriest Men in Britain

‘Wonderful, powerful and strangely affecting television…’ Sunday Telegraph

‘I was gulping at the sadness of it all…’ Sunday Telegraph


The Campest Men in Britain

‘Clever and touching…’ Mail on Sunday

‘Absolutely fabulous…’ Heat


The Strongest Men In Britain

‘There’s nothing as truly weird as humans and there was plenty of weirdness here…’ The Times

‘Nicely shot – evocative of Ken Loach’s Kes…’ Time Out

‘Winning and warm-hearted…’ Time Out


The Tartiest Men in Britain

‘It turned out to be an amazingly thoughtful documentary’ Sunday Telegraph


The Unluckiest Faces in Britain

‘A sensitively made programme about quiet desperation…’ Daily Express

‘Thoughtful, engaging and really rather sensitive…’ The Times

‘Amazingly thoughtful documentary…’ Daily Telegraph

‘Thoughtful and rather uplifting…’ Financial Times



‘Inexplicably tucked away in the nether regions of the schedules is this little gem which doubles as an indictment on British public transport…’ The Guardian

‘Illustrates with the blackest of humour just how bad things have become…’ Time Out

‘Barmy…’ Daily Telegraph


Real Life – The Fattest Men in Britain

‘You never can tell. Salacious-sounding and shoved to the back of the schedules, The Fattest Men in Britain proved curiously charming and touchingly funny…’ The Guardian

‘Just as we were feeling guilty for being fascinated, the programme would hit us with some footage that we just couldn’t rip our eyes from….’ Daily Express

‘A touching and sensitive portrait by Nick O’Dwyer on a subject normally confined to the sideshows…………..’ Sunday Express

‘The sort of images David Attenborough would dedicate a five year trip to the Amazon to discover…’ Daily Express

‘Nick O’Dwyer’s droll film boasts some delectable comic moments…’ Sunday Times



‘It could have been the familiar tour through a drunken Friday night. Instead it was a thoughtful glimpse behind the fun-fun-fun facade, revealing scarred lives…’ The Times

‘There was directorial compassion at work here, of a kind that – a few years ago – would have looked out of fashion…’ New Statesman

‘Not a pretty picture but a funny one…’ OK Magazine

‘Touching and intimate insights…’ The Guardian



‘Stunning documentary which puts together a devastating portrait of the terrible but seductive power of guns…’ Sun

‘An intelligently conceived documentary… this is a powerful, intimate film…’ Financial Times

‘O’Dwyer’s bleak, stylish, dispassionate essay on man and the gun…’ The Guardian

‘Austere and graphic… an engrossing portrait of a weapon…’ Evening Standard

‘Nick O’Dwyer’s high calibre film…’ Evening Standard



‘What made the film so riveting was that it plaited together a spicy tale of commercial warfare, insights into social attitudes of a century ago and some jaw-dropping revelations…’ The Times

‘This horribly messy event is reconstructed without sensationalism in Nicholas O’Dwyer’s excellent film…’ The Guardian

‘Dinner part conversation it ain’t, but Nicholas O’Dwyer’s film makes electrifying viewing…’ Daily Telegraph

‘This was terrific television and another feather in the Secret History cap…’ Evening Standard



‘A catalogue of stories in which people told their tales simply and clearly, it was a brutally aggressive film, one of the most violent I have seen in a long time. But the real violence is in what you feel. And these stories: you felt them.’ Daily Express

‘Nicholas O’Dwyer’s haunting film shone its light on the ways in which an attacker’s punch leaves scars on people who were never his victims…’ The Times

‘Stories to make your blood boil and make you think in a powerful documentary…’ Sunday Times

‘One day, all documentaries will be made like this…’ Time Out



‘Dog Trouble doesn’t pull on the heart strings but rather wrenches the heart apart… Deeply black humour is plucked from everyday situations with witty use of music and sharp editing. This is one of those films which will stick in the memory…’ Time Out

‘The title says it all. This jaw-dropping film is a graphic demonstration of just how much trouble dogs can be. The subject is not, of course, dogs, but a particular form of human madness…’ Daily Mail

‘Nick O’Dwyer’s brilliant Modern Times…’ The Guardian



‘The craftsmanship of Nick O’Dwyer’s Tracy and Joey was special. The elegiac pacing was dressed with poetic commentary, elegant camerawork and sensitive use of music, helping towards a poignant evocation of the hard life and terrible death of Joey’s loyal’ Daily Telegraph

‘This sombre and profoundly affecting film is produced by Nick O’Dwyer, who made last year’s memorable Bogus Callers. It is another chastening story of society in collapse, a terrible story beautifully told…’ Daily Mail

‘It would be difficult not to be affected by this distressing film…’ Evening Standard



‘It is a film to make you weep, but with tears of anger as well as pity…..from the maker of the excellent Open Prison…..’ Daily Mail

‘Nick O’Dwyer’s film deserves all the angry tears it will jerk…’ Sunday Telegraph

‘A programme to make the blood boil…’ Evening Standard

‘It really makes you want to spit…’ Time Out

‘Hideously compelling viewing…’ The Times



‘This is an extraordinary film…’ Daily Mail