Landmark started production in January 2002, although I’d worked as a broadcast documentary director for many years before then. For the first 17 years, we made mostly TV broadcast documentaries and series for mostly UK broadcasters. I’m intensely proud of that work – more than 100 hours of films and series. It’s good to see words like “heart-warming/completely fascinating and moving/inspiring/a dazzling series/an exquisite treat/mesmerising/a superb series/life affirming” cropping up so often in the national papers when they write about series like our BBC2  Brain Doctors, ITV1 Married to the Job,

Since 2020, I’ve focused on making short films and commercials. Here’s an example, made recently for a health education campaign for the University of Oxford. I’ve also taught a lot, passing on stuff I’ve learned over the years – about self-shooting, directing and interviewing. I’ve taught for the National Film and Television School, University of Oxford, Screenskills, BBC Academy and lots of other places. These days I do teaching through Landmark Film School Have a look and see if we can help.

As a film maker, I’ve always looked for people and places who are extraordinary and whose lives and work will fascinate, delight, inspire or charm an audience – whether that’s millions of people watching a prime time documentary or a smaller audience for a bespoke short film aimed at getting over a particular message. I continue to be proud of a record of treating the people we feature with honesty, humanity and respect and I’ve carried that through in my current work. It’s important to me that people enjoy the experience of filming.

Nick O’Dwyer