Foxes hotel is a seaside hotel with a difference: all the trainee staff have special needs. Students spend three years at Foxes, in Minehead, learning the hotel trade. At the end of it, they should be able to hold down a job in the outside world. Made by the same team as Channel 4’s highly […]


Sleepwalkers; parasomniacs; sleep apnoeiacs; restless leg syndromers; narcoleptics: these are standard fare for the Sleep Clinic at Papworth Hospital in Cambridgeshire. This series features infra-red scenes of extraordinary night-time behaviour and the moving accounts of people for whom sleep has become a nightmare.


More “pet noir” from Landmark Films. The darkest and most dastardly of crimes perpetrated by Britain’s hidden army of cat and dog haters. Beware the pork pie spiked with tablets, the fish finger laced with antifreeze.


Body hair is a funny thing – we meet women who’ll do anything to be rid of it, men who will stop at nothing for a glimpse of it, people who make a living ripping the stuff off in clumps so that other people can stick it back on again in lumps.


Think of phobias and baked beans and writing in public don’t immediately spring to mind. But for Derek and Robert they’re very real fears. There’s no quick route to work for bird phobic Charlotte and frog-hater Sue can never enjoy her immaculate garden. All seek treatment in the hope of leading less frightening lives.