BIG RED BUS (8×30′)

The red bus is the global icon of London. There’s 8,000 of them on London’s streets, racking up a million miles a day. What does it take to become one of the 22,000 drivers? Landmark Films has been given exclusive access to one of the capital’s biggest bus operators so viewers can see what it’s like trying to learn to drive a ten ton big red monster through London’s bus lanes. It’s a glimpse into a world full of the unexpected – from the driver who spends his weekends living as a fully fledged Apache to the weird and occasionally hair-raising antics of the travelling public.

Tx Date: 24/11/05 7:00pm
Audience: 4.3 million
Executive Producer: Nick O’Dwyer
Series Producer: Rachel Bliss
Editor: Andy Page / Audrey McColligan