Sky Atlantic

Four gorgeous stately homes; their sometimes eccentric, hard-up owners and the guests who pay to weekend, living in the grand style. In six beautifully photographed episodes, we see the upstairs/downstairs life of the grand houses and we enjoy the culture contrast between the guests and their old money hosts. The Sunday Times wrote: “This fantastically enjoyable documentary has unearthed some fabulously telegenic characters.” The Daily Telegraph called it “an exquisite treat.”

Tx Date: from April 12, 2012
Director: Rebecca Arnold, Javotte Flatman, Sarah Vaccari
Executive Producer/Writer: Nick O’Dwyer
Assistant Producer: Bart Corpe, Lucy Chapman, Jon Cowen
Series Producer: Lizzie Faulkner
Researcher: Harriet Bird,
Editor: Audrey McColligan, Polly Rose, Nick Brooks
Camera: Ben Richards, Will Edwards
International Title: Weekend Aristocrats