Executive producing

“As a television executive producer and mentor Nick O’Dwyer is the best in the business. He is an exceptionally intelligent and encouraging exec, whose wise words and sage advice have helped many a fledgling director through their first shoots and edits [including me!]. Nick is an instinctive teacher, with a natural ability to communicate in a helpful, intelligent and incisively clear manner. Working with him was always enjoyable, fun and rewarding.”

Jeremy Williams – course leader, MA Documentary Film, London College of Communication, UAL.

“His intelligence, sense of humour, leadership and his understanding of the storytelling process kept the team focused and united and ultimately made the series a great success for the BBC. With many years experience as a fine filmmaker, executive producer and company director (and now teacher), Nick has the ability to move seamlessly between roles. I have only the greatest admiration and respect for Nick and would relish the opportunity to work with him again.”

Mandy Chang – editor, Storyville, BBC Television.


Course tutor, self shooting and directing courses

“Course was excellent: super, helpful, smart and kind.”   Ben

“The course was great, Nick is fantastic, compassionate, funny and knows his stuff.”    Jordan

“All round excellent course. Thank you! Nick was absolutely brilliant and inspiring.”   Leanne

“The whole course has been incredibly valuable to me in every sense from getting more out of my camera to creating engaging human content. Thank you for the fantastic teaching throughout.”   Lou


University short study modules…

"I hugely enjoyed the film-making module taught by Nick. I had absolutely no previous experience of film-making, directing or using filming equipment. Through Nick’s supportive teaching, I now feel confident using high level film cameras, lens and microphones and also how to compose a range of shots to make a professional looking film. The skills acquired from film-making are transferable to many aspects of life, and it is also incredibly satisfying and rewarding to watch the finished product. We all had so much fun working with Nick and I highly recommend this course to anyone!"    Charly


"I had an absolutely amazing time learning from and working alongside Nick on the filmmaking module! At the beginning, I had no idea how to even start approaching editing for documentary but with Nick’s patient teaching I was by the end able to grasp the essence of the task and discover all the fun to be had with it. It is an enormously rewarding feeling to look back and see the final product come together! During the module we had the opportunity to explore the theoretical side of documentary filmmaking, get to grips with professional camera and sound equipment as well as research, plan, film and edit our very own film about a topic of our choice. In a world where storytelling is becoming evermore visual, knowing how to use the tools and gear to make an effective film is an invaluable skill in any workplace but also a great fun activity to enjoy in your free time!"  Assen